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So what are we doing on this company?
A lot of things. All business opportunities is always a priority for us. But one character is, we are doing public relations, we are doing services to satisfy fully our customers.
Very simple example is dealing with airlines ticket.

  • YES - we are selling Garuda Indonesia airlines tickets, ONLY to our recognized customers. We don't know you, we will not sell the ticket to you. We are doing this, because we want our customer is really the "King" and the most important person in our business strategy. We are not doing business to the unrecognized person(s).

    Other example;

  • YES - we are helping our customer to have a good business relations with each other both from Indonesia and from Japan. They want to meet, we certainly could arrange it. They want to have an exhibition, we will do it on behalf of our clients. They want to open the company or branch both in Indonesia and in Japan, we could do it professionally. And even they want to penetrate the market both Indonesia and Japan we could assist you upto the end of the target.

    .....what else could we do?.....

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