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Dutch East Indies Meter Stamp in Surabaya Indonesia
13/07/2003 (21:00)

TOKYO (LoveIndonesiaPhilately) - New innovation by Saburo Masuyama, Japanese stamps collector who's specializing on Indonesia collection (and occupation era), has been announced on July 13, 2003 in Tokyo, a new innovation of philatelic material of Dutch Occupation in Indonesia 27 May 1942 (Ned.Indie) of meter stamp was used in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

This is a very rare example using meter stamp on a piece of paper to wrap and to send a newspaper/newsletter. The post was sent from Surabaya to Cinangka, West Jawa and has been stamped by post office in Plered, Krawang on May 29, 1942.

Another rare information is a typewriter on violet color (murasaki color) written in Dutsch Language means "Has Been Checked by Japanese Authorities (military)" (capital letters and small letters), probably in Cimahi, West Java, which was a place of military concentration camp on that time.

One more evident (picture right) was sent from Surabaya (August 17, 1942) to Plered, Krawang (received on August 1942) with a type-writer font written "Dengan Idzin dari pembesar Nippon" (all capital letters).

I believe the hand writing on both materials were written by the same person. But with a question mark, why if the same person, the capital letter of P and T were written on a different way of hand writing? (Richard Susilo)

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